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For Dentists

The benefits of patient referral for you, your patient and your practice

General dental professionals, medical practitioners and specialists regularly refer to Dr Tony Coyne for treatment of complex or unusual restorative cases.

We are committed to ensuring that your patient receives the highest possible quality of ethical care. Our technology and equipment is of the highest standard so that excellent results are achieved comfortably and efficiently. Our relationship with you and your patient is paramount and we will keep you fully informed of your patient’s progress while thoroughly explaining what to expect from their treatment for their benefit.

Following completion of your patient’s treatment, we will send a report to you and advise the patient to contact your office for follow-up appointments and continuing care. And of course, Dr Tony Coyne will always be available to discuss your patient’s needs.

From a patient perspective, referral to a specialist is confirmation that you care enough to make sure they receive the best and most effective treatment available.

If you are having difficulties submitting our form, please email the referral information to reception@coynedental.com.au

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