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Full and Partial Dentures

Dentures are removable prosthetic replacements for missing teeth, usually made from special resins and incorporating metal for additional strength. Either ‘full’ (or ‘complete’) or ‘partial’ dentures are specially designed and custom fitted to the individual patient. Properly made and fitted, dentures can significantly enhance the appearance and function of your teeth.

Full dentures will replace all of the upper, lower, or both sets of teeth. These can be ‘immediate’ or ‘conventional’. Immediate dentures are put in place as soon as the teeth have been removed, therefore requiring them to be made beforehand. However, after teeth removal, gums can shrink meaning that immediate dentures usually require more adjustments, and so are often only used as a temporary measure before conventional dentures are inserted, so that the patient does not need to have a period without teeth. Conventional dentures on the other hand, are not made until after the gums have begun to heal (post teeth removal) and are usually fitted around the eight to twelve week mark after teeth removal.

A partial denture is used in conjunction with healthy teeth, with the denture structure being anchored to the surrounding natural teeth using custom-designed metal anchors. Partial dentures not only improve appearance and function but also prevent the remaining teeth from drifting out of line.

The process of making partial dentures may require some minor tooth modifications to ensure that the dentures fit correctly and comfortably. Part of the initial treatment will involve careful impressions of the mouth – this will allow precise construction of the denture in the dental laboratory.

Following partial fabrication of the denture, patients are invited to a try-in appointment to fine tune the fit, colour and shape. Patients will also be provided with instruction on the appropriate care for their new denture.

Partial denture restorations to replace missing teeth

partial denture before
partial denture after
partial denture before 2
partial denture after 2
partial denture restoration
All clinical work shown in these examples is work completed by Dr Tony Coyne